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Engineering Atoms

at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015

Some interesting articles delving into the murky waters of science...

Baked alaska (© BBC)How is a Jet Turbine Engine like a Baked Alaska?

Every wondered what the similarities between the classical retro dessert and the science keeping the Jet Engine aloft are. Wonder no longer, as we discuss the science of keeping things solid above their melting temperature. 


What do Diamonds, iron, salt and chocolate all have in common?

A consideration of the, perhaps, surprising classification of metals and how that understanding is essential to our continued studies of them and their properties.





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Superalloys1The Superalloys

Working at temperatures close to the melting point of the material and spinning hundreds of times per second while simultaneously supporting a load equivalent to the weight of a family car, the blades in a modern jet engine have to withstand what is arguably one of the most extreme environments any engineered substance could ever encounter. Find out about the incredible metals used to withstand these extraordinary conditions.

NSEngineThe Jet Engine Revolution

Jet engines have the formidable task of keeping a 300,000 kg aeroplane in the air and enduring temperatures hot enough to melt lead. Find out more about the engine and the challenge of choosing the next generation of materials for their design.

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